One digital control radio

One digital control radio

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  • One Digital is used by downloading the Tivoli Audio Wireless App application to unlock its full potential and connect it to your home Wi-Fi. Use your favorite live streaming service and high quality audio experience.
    Stream over Wi-fi.
    If there's no Wi-Fi, stream over Bluetooth.
    Stream from your local content or these select services.

Tivoli Audio furniture grade wood cabinet integrates seamlessly with other products in the ART collection and matches your décor. Choose from White, Black Ash, and Walnut.
High resolution display with track, radio information, and time automation over Wi-Fi.
Eco-friendly fabric speaker grill created in partnership with Danish fabric design brand Gabriel®.
Multi-operational dial
Use the aluminum multi-operational dial to change Stations and set presets while tuned into the radio. When in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth mode, scroll through playlist tracks and press to play or pause.
Press and hold to turn on or off, turn to adjust volume, and short press to move between sources.
Functional Design
Model One Digital, exactly what you need and nothing you don't. The perfect design for smart home audio.
Alone or Together
Sculpt the perfect smart home listening experience. Send radio broadcast, streaming content, or Bluetooth® source to other ART collection speakers through your home’s network.

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